Event Purpose

BLACKHEAD's event strategy is deeply rooted in understanding and engaging with youth culture. We make our presence felt not only at music festivals, art exhibitions, and hubs of street culture but are also actively integrated into online communities and forums, ensuring alignment with the interests and lifestyles of Generation Z.

We are committed to creating a multi-directional interactive environment that empowers youth to freely express themselves and connect with our unique design philosophy. We encourage individuals to participate in shaping the brand's narrative, transforming them from mere consumers to cultural creators and brand ambassadors. Through such interactive and participatory experiences, BLACKHEAD aims to resonate and evolve alongside youth.


Campaign Timeline

2015 | YOHOOD Fashion Exhibition

2017 | LABELHOOD Fashion Week, 'Mental Unhealth Centre' Pop-Up

2018 | BLANK Art Festival

2019 | YOHOOD STORE Pop-Up

2021 | Shanghai TX Huaihai & Youth Power Centre, 'Hardware Game Station' Pop-Up

         POTENT Club, 'NEON JUNGLE' Clubbing

2023 | Beijing Sanlitun Taikoo Li, 'Scorpion Tail Youth' Pop-Up

         Highway Store & Shanghai Yuyuan Road Store Halloween Pop-Up


Scorpion Tail Youth | Pop-Up

On April 22, 2023, BLACKHEAD, in collaboration with the youth culture media outlet CIQI, hosted a Pop-up launch party themed 'Scorpion Tail Youth' at Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing. We gathered 'Scorpion Tail Youth' from various fields in this space brimming with edgy elements, encouraging them to embody the sensitive and highly resistant nature of a scorpion's tailto be punk to the core, rebellious to the end.

Neon Jungle | Clubbing

On October 10, 2021, BLACKHEAD, in collaboration with POTENT, hosted the 'Neon Jungle' series launch party, crafting a wild night emblematic of the post-pandemic era's suppressed craziness finally being set free. We transformed the venue into a utopian setting, interlaced with elements of snakes, monstrous claws, neon lights, and hypnotic music. After enduring long periods of isolation during the pandemic, in our savage jungle, we rediscovered freedom and bravery.

Hardware Game Station | Pop-up Launch Party

On April 13, 2021, BLACKHEAD hosted the opening party for 'Hardware Game Station' at Shanghai TX Huaihai. We blended the concepts of a 'Hardware Workshop' and a 'Digital Gaming Station,' sparking discussions among the guests about the dialectical relationship between 'everyday reality' and 'virtual entertainment’.