POSE Silver Crystal Chain Bracelet

Chain Bracelets

BLACKHEAD Chain Bracelet is Your Must-have Unique Bracelet

Charm, cuff, slider… This list can go on and on when it comes to unisex jewelry and bracelets in particular.

With so many types and design varieties, you may be spoiled for choice and find yourself hard-pressed to pick a piece that feels different. But chain bracelets are here to take the hard choice off your shoulders.

Great for stacking and distinguishing upgrades, BLACKHEAD chain bracelets can make any gender feel special. With many beaded, nylon cord, copper, stainless steel, and pendant options, they fit masculine and feminine personalities and have nothing to do with lackluster jewelry.

Our double-chain bracelets are what you want for your wrist if you crave more wrist coverage. They are the best to stack with other pieces — beaded or chain — and look distinctive in any color combination. Take a deeper dive into BLACKHEAD to see which bracelet is an excellent match for you.

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