POSE Silver Crystal Chain Necklace

Chain Necklace

Put on a BLACKHEAD Chain Necklace

A statement necklace has all it takes to be a perfect final piece for the bold look you’re creating. Especially when it’s a BLACKHEAD chain necklace.

A glance at our Freedom Fighter, Rebellion Revolution, and other chain collections will unveil the most distinctive silver, black, and gold necklaces for your style. Pair them with your BLACKHEAD bracelets or earrings or put them on as standalone layering pieces — nobody can force you to feel pressured into wearing your necklace the way you aren’t fine with.

Chain necklaces for every style

Pick plain and short options for everyday wear, express what you feel with interlocking handcuff chain necklaces, or add an extra shine with those with embellishment. Adorned with gemstones, BLACKHEAD pieces fight dullness as effectively as you expect from alternative jewelry. You can also complete your alternative essentials with single-color and bi-color options — all made to untangle your personality.

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