Dreamland DC mini Crescent Shape Cuff Earrings(Right)

Cuff Earrings

Astounding styles of BLACKHEAD cuff earrings

BLACKHEAD jewelry, with a unique and heartfelt design, beautifully packaged and

ready for giving to anyone who want to decor their daily style. Makes a sentimental surprise for any awesome people.

Explore the real uniqueness with BLACKHEAD ear cuffs in designs that speak volumes about your distinctive nature. These pieces are easy to slip and twist around your ears to accessorize them for a casual wear boost. Perfect for daily styles, they don’t require pierced ears to look astounding as a finishing touch to your outfit.

Not sure how to wear ear cuffs? BLACKHEAD pieces are a distinctive addition to your black tops and hipster outfits. Not only that, but they can also pair well with jeans and other casual wear.

Shop for yourself or get cuffs as a gift!

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