Freedom Fighter Handcuffs Chain Necklace

Freedom Fighter

The basis of the war originated from plunder. The predatory behavior for survival and the opposite self-defensive party, these two "justices" collide together to form the extreme social phenomenon of war. For the fighters of different ideologies in society, we are more willing to call him "Freedom Fighter". They are the pioneers of defending peace just like any of us. This collection of jewelry uses a 3D printing process to present a variety of three-dimensional effects. This collection is a continuation of BH ’s black-head classic color series, and there are more options with a variety of unique matching style and distinctive logo jewelry.  The missile earrings, the nuclear bomb mushroom cloud necklaces and the slogan bracelets which reflect the elements of war, make you armed yourself even to the subtlety. In particular, it created the missing anti-war symbol, which became the most iconic element of this season, and always remind "Give Peace a Chance".

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