Shan Hai Jing Snake Ring

Shan Hai Jing

Shan Hai Jing, this ancient Chinese book from the pre-Qin Dynasty is a rich source of inspiration for this collection. In this collection, we began the journey of"ㄒㄣ" to explore the cultural loss and the impact on the current lifestyle. From the exploration of the Shan Hai Jing to the special phonetic symbols, we learn to cherish the present and envision the future. Based on the minimalist and neuter style, this collection blended in the modern Chinese style and restores the freedom and uninhibitedness of young people. The elements of barbed thorns, phonetic characters, and serpentine decoration are interpreted in various figurative or abstract ways along with high-quality titanium steel with rhinestones and black agate bring a new experience to the people who wear it.

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