Dreamland DC mini DC Letters Choker/Necklace Set

Layered Necklace Set

BLACKHEAD Necklaces to Wear without Common Barriers

Today’s the day to demolish stereotypes and wear whatever appeals to you.

Like all our pieces, our necklace collection is curated to harmonize with gender-fluid fashion and jewelry trends to encourage self-expression by males, females, and everyone in between. There are no more stereotypes to conform to and collective opinions to reckon with.

It’s on you to choose what you feel like wearing today and forever. Whether you have your eye on a silver charm necklace, black choker, long chains, or something you can put on as a layered piece to make a statement, shop for it in a gender-neutral way.

Not only are BLACKHEAD necklaces great for all genders in terms of what they look like and the message they are intended to convey — our pieces are also priced in a friendly manner. Discounts are available for every necklace as you add more to your own unique collection.

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